Etta James – A Tribute


I had originally intended to feature a different song today but given the very sad news of Etta James’ passing on Friday it seems fitting that this week’s update should be a tribute to the singer whom we here at Gazfunk rate as the greatest female soul/r&b singer of all time.

In truth, I’ve been well aware of Ms James’ illness for quite a while (as I’m sure some of you have also) and I had up until now purposely avoided featuring her amazing talent here on the blog as I knew the news of her death wasn’t too far away and I wanted to do a fitting tribute when that time finally arrived.

Much has been written and said about Etta James over the years, including her well documented addictions, so I won’t go into those as I don’t want to detract away from why she was so highly thought of – her amazing voice.

So we’ve decided to bring you 2 tracks this week as opposed to the 1 that we normally bring you. The selections I’ve made are 2 of her lesser known tracks but still feature her fantastic vocals. First off, we have You Got It which was the b-side of “Fire” and then we finish off with her brilliant take on Sonny & Cher’s smash hit – I Got You Babe.

R.I.P. Etta James – gone, but never forgotten.

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