Bo Diddley – Bo Diddley-itis

Regular viewers of the blog will probably recall a few months back that we featured one of THE blues legends in Buddy Guy. That selection “Buddy’s Groove” was something of a diversion for him and showed his versatility.

Well on something of a similar theme, we feature yet another blues/r&b legend this week in the shape of Bo Diddley. I touched on the fact that Buddy Guy wasn’t the only one to show a more funky side, and today’s choice illustrates that Mr Bo Diddley also had the adaptability to move away from his traditional blues sound to something altogether more groovy.

Like many of the other legends that we’ve featured so far on Gazfunk, it’s a pretty pointless exercise trying to condense the history of the artist into a few short paragraphs (and quite frankly, if you aren’t aware of Bo Diddley, you’ve probably stumbled onto this blog by mistake!)

So it’s probably better to let the music do the talking and let Mr Diddley give it to ya… 

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