Big Boss Man – Sea Groove

Well given that I’m a mod at heart and still dj occassionally on the mod scene, as well as most of my friends being mods it’s probably about time that I feature one of the main “nu-mod” bands around at the moment.

Big Boss Man started out in 1998 as the brainchild of Nasser Bouzida (a.k.a. “The Bongolian”) and released this their first single in 2000. Their debut album followed in 2001 featuring Sea Groove, Big Boss Man & Humanize (which incidentally was their first track to gain publicity when it was featured on the legendary Blow Up club’s “Blow Up A Go Go” comp).

The Big Boss Man sound is an amalgam of funk, hammond, latin & r&b and has gained equal popularity on the UK and European mod scene as well as the funk scene (where Keb Darge & Snowboy are fans). To date they have released 3 albums (the last being in 2009) and regularly tour around Europe playing to a loyal host of fans.

Enjoy the Big Boss Sound…

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