Carlton Basco – Don't Chain My Soul

I’m sure you’ve noticed that this week’s update is a little later, well that was due in no small part to a little thing called….. Christmas. I hope you all had an enjoyable festive season and for many of us with the spectre of returning to work looming over us, I hope that today’s pick will at least lift some of the doom and gloom!

Like plenty of my other selections, this again is another track where there is very little information available about the song or indeed the artist. I know that Carlton Basco was born in Louisiana in 1944 and died around the beginning of 2004. This song was cut in Basco’s own studio in 71 and was recorded on his own “Freedom Records” label. There were a small amount of these originally released and this lead to a welcome reissue a few years back on the “Tramp” label (if you look at both labels they are almost identical, save for the name)

So what about the track itself? Well this is a very heavy funk tune. The pounding drums and unique sounding hammond make this one of the biggest dance floor destroyers I’ve ever heard. It really is that good. So turn up the volume and get ready to boogie!!

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