The Buena Vistas – Here Come Da Judge

Sooooooo this week’s selection features a title that should be familiar to all of you, however I still haven’t decided whether I consider it a cover of the Shorty Long lassic or whether it’s a different track altogether.

Let me explain – it’s certainly based around the same catchphrase and has a similar(ish) sound to Shorty but the tempo is very different and it has somewhat of a more latin feel to it. Maybe much the same as Pigmeat Markham (which has different “lyrics” to the original). Also, as you may have noticed this is titled slightly differently (Here Come Da Judge) as opposed to Here Comes The Judge.

Anyway, whether it’s a cover or not, it’s still one damn funky cut (probably my favourite of all the versions) suffice to say,we should all be really thankful for the judge coming…

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