Rosetta Hightower – How Can You Mistreat The One You Love?

So this week’s update brings you yet another one of those artists that are criminally underrated in my humble opinion.

Rosetta Hightower was born in Philadelphia in 1944 and started out as the lead singer in The Orlons – a soul/r&b outfit who had a number of top 10 hits in the billboard charts throughout the 60s. However she went solo towards the end of the decade and by the start of the 70s she had relocated to London where she still lives today.

Her most well-known track is the highly collectible (and pretty expensive) cover of Eddie Floyd’s homage to Otis Redding – “Big Bird” She also recorded a fantastic version of The Temptations hit “Friendship Train” Her voice certainly struck a chord with some well-known musicians of the time – so much so that she was asked to perform backing vocals for both John Lennon & Joe Cocker.

This selection is the b-side of her single Pretty Red Balloons and in my view should really have been selected as the a-side.


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