Alvin Cash & The Registers – Stone Thing (Part 1)

So last time out we brought you Gene Anderson on the Westbound Label – well this week it’s another cut on the Westbound Label, however this time it’s the turn of the label owner himself – Mr Alvin Cash.

Alvin Cash (like so many other funk and soul legends) had a long career originally starting out as part of a dance troupe with 2 of his brothers when they were all under 10 years old. Their big break came in ’63 when they were signed by Andre Williams (he of “Humpin’, Bumpin’ & Thumpin’ ” fame) to the Mar-V-Lus label. It was shortly after this that they recorded arguably their most famous track – Twine Time (which was to prove immensely popular amongst the British mod scene of the time, so much so that they played the legendary Twisted Wheel club in Manchester)

At this stage they were called Alvin Cash & The Crawlers – however, this name was to change soon after to Alvin Cash & The Registers. They went on to score two more reasonable successes under this moniker with “Philly Freeze” and the often covered “Keep On Dancing”

This selection is my personal favourite though and amongst the hardest to find/most expensive records he ever released. The groove to this track is so catchy and halfway through there is a very sample friendly drum break.

This indeed is a Stone Thing…

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  1. Sean

    Nice!; that got my feet tapping. Alvin Cash (and the Crawlers): somewhere at home I’ve got a CD of what I presume is their President Label work (‘Twin Time’, etc)……wonderful stuff…Like the Webpage, BTW.


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