Gene Anderson – The Devil Made Me Do It

As today is 31st October, I’ve had to get into the spirit of things (sorry!) with a Halloween related selection. After looking through a number of possible candidates, I finally settled on this cracker.

For those of you who don’t know, this track has been covered by many different artists but this version is the most funky in my humble opinion. Released in ’71 (I think) and on the Alvin Cash “Westbound” label the song certainly has a lot to live up to.

Alvin Cash was also responsible for producing this track and you can tell his influence all over it. Listen closely and you can hear a very similar guitar sound to one of Cash’s own tracks in the mix. Normally this is the point where I tell you something about the artist, but there’s little info I have on the guy to share with y’all. Just take it from me – it’s well worth giving a listen to!

“Why did you do that? The Devil made me do it!” Indeed…

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  1. Mr Angry

    Timing is everything! I was patiently waiting for this choon to make its way here Gaz. Another cracker from your vaults – thanks for sharing (and for the message today). Catch you later in the week.


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