Margie Hendrix – Jim Dandy

Margie Hendrix first hit the headlines way back in the 50’s as she was the lead singer of Ray Charles’ backing singers The Raelettes. It was during this time that she was involved in a relationship with Mr Charles which led to them having a child together in the 60s.

The Raelettes cut a number of singles in their own right – the most well-known being “One Room Paradise”. A few years later upon embarking on her own solo career (after being sacked from the Raelettes in ’64), Margie Hendrix released her own version which was a bit less of an r&b sound and a bit more soulful.

This selection is a cover of a little-known song originally released by Lavern Baker in the 50’s. Again, like her version of One Room Paradise, Hendrix reworks the track into a more uptempo funky soul sound.

Unfortunately Margie was heavily involved in drug use and this led to her untimely death of a drug overdose in 1973 at the tragically young age of 38. Hopefully this post will be a snapshot of the talent she possessed.

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