Marsha Hunt – (Oh, No! Not) The Beast Day

This week’s pick is a particular favourite amongst my friends who are very much into psychedelic tunes rather than funk and soul, so I figured it was about time that I featured a track they might dig!

So what can be said about Marsha Hunt? She was certainly one of the most iconic black women of the late 60s/70s with her stunningly good looks and huge afro. So much so that she was the first black woman ever to appear on the front of the British fashion magazine “Queen”. These looks led her to have relationships with both Marc Bolan and Mick Jagger (with whom she had a child).

Her singing career started to gain momentum due to her role in the cult stage show “Hair” and within a year (’69) she was playing The Isle Of Wight Festival (where she did a cover of Dr John’s “Walk on Gilded Splinters” which was incidentally her first single). Around this time she met Marc Bolan and he was to have a huge influence on her musical career by writing various songs for her including “Hot Rod Poppa”

This selection was released in 1973 and features elements of funk, psych and afrobeat creating a smorgasboard of grooviness.

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