Roy Ward – Horse With A Freeze

As the fantastic second series of the David Simon produced Treme has just hit our screens here in the UK, I found it apt that this week’s update should feature something from the Crescent City.

Fans of New Orleans artists may not recognize this week’s selection but fear not – you do, as Roy Ward is in fact the legendary Eddie Bo’s pseudonym.

It would take quite a long time to provide an accurate (or fair) account of Mr Bo’s influence, not just on New Orleans music but also on the overall funk music scene in the US during the 60’s & 70’s. Suffice to say that along with the backing of The Meters they together provided the blueprint for many aspiring funk bands, not to mention countless opportunities for sampling among the hip-hop fraternity. This track is yet another in the long line of Eddie Bo produced tracks that is very sample heavy.

This week’s post may be my last for a few weeks as I’m off on a mini European trip next week. Fear not though – I’ll be back soon enough with more funky delicacies to tickle your taste buds.

Keep it funky!!

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