Carolyn Franklin – Reality

I have to admit to having a particular penchant for “sister funk”. For some reason I think a lady’s voice works particularly well with a nice funk groove (especially when the voice in question is as good as Carolyn Franklin’s)

So you’re looking at the name of the artist and wondering is this a relation of Aretha – well yes it is. Carolyn is probably the less well-known of the 3 Franklin sisters, though this is probably as funky (if not more so) than anything her more illustrious siblings cut.

Born as the youngest of the 3 singing sisters Carolyn released her first solo recording in 1963 but remained in the shadows as her bigger sisters gained commercial success. However, far from being put off be her own failure as a solo artist, Carolyn took to writing songs for and with Aretha. By ’76 she retired from the music industry altogether – however she still occasionally appeared with Aretha (most memorably as a backing singer in the Blues Brothers film). Sadly her life was tragically cut short at the age of 43 as a result of breast cancer.

This selection should hopefully make people aware that there was more than just two talented singers in the Franklin household…

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