Jimmie Willis – Soul Power

Regular viewers of the blog will be aware that I’ve previously mentioned about my vast collection of hammond tracks. Well, in recent weeks I’ve had a number of requests to delve into my record box and showcase another one of these grooves. As a result I’ve bowed to the public pressure and decided to bring y’all this nugget.

This track is something that I’ve only actually bought relatively recently. I had been aware of it for a while but either forgot to look for it or occasionally was outbid for it on that popular auction website (you all know the one I’m taking about).

I’ve seen this record described as many things in the past – r&b, mod jazz, boogaloo, funk etc. The truth is it’s none of them but, it’s all of them. From the opening line you know you’re gonna be in for a treat and it certainly does not disappoint.

So ladies and gentlemen – for your information…… this is Soul Power!!

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