Marva Hodge – Think About The Good Times

In recent times I’ve found myself gravitating towards a more soulful sound as opposed to the heavy funk I had been listening to and bringing you here on the blog. That perhaps explains this next choice somewhat.

This selection is probably one of the rarest tracks I have in my collection – it’s not especially valuable, but it’s just something that I think I’ve only ever seen two copies of and I bought one of them!!

Marva Hodge was born in Aruba and moved to Holland at a young age where she resided in the Hague. Her real name was Linda Melcherts (presumably her name was changed to give her a more American sounding name so that people would think she was from the U.S. and she might have success amongst R&B fans). Most of her releases featured a local band called The Moody Sect (sometimes spelt “Sec”) who provided a late sixties psychedelic sound with hammond organ to match her wailing vocals.

This particular track however, was the b-side to her 4th release “You’re The One For Me”. When I listen to this song I instantly picture Tina Turner jumping around on stage shaking her ass and belting this out as the vocals and tempo are so similar.

Hope you dig it as much as I do!

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