Dennis Coffey feat Kings Go Forth – Miss Millie

We have something old and something new in this week’s update.

Dennis Coffey has already been featured here on Gazfunk but it’s worth including him again, given that he has just released a new album this year and this particular selection really sits well with the legendary tracks he recorded in his 70’s heyday.

Kings Go Forth are another nu-funk band who have been getting many plaudits, particularly on this side of the Atlantic. This Milwaukee 10 piece released their debut album “The Outsiders Are Back” in April 2010 and from this was taken the hugely collectible single “One Day”

That Dennis Coffey would choose to collaborate with Kings On Forth on his new album (and that the song was a single release) tells you all you need to know about their funk credentials. The track is awash with Coffey’s trademark guitar sound and the heavy percussion and hammond style now associated with KGF.

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