Debbie Taylor – Don't Let It End

Whilst most of the stuff we’ve brought you on Gazfunk thus far undoubtedly falls under the funk umbrella, we are a funk AND soul blog so to that end, this update brings a fantastic piece of club soul.

I first came across this song a few years ago due to a good friend of mine who was a big fan of Miss Taylor’s since he first heard “Just Don’t Pay” way back in the 80’s. As a result of that one song he embarked on a mission to acquire all of her 45s, which he has now subsequently completed. After hearing a number of these tracks, I was struck by her powerful vocals, however many of the tracks were ballads and they just didn’t flight my kite.

This song though is a whole different beast – it really is a classic slice of club soul that would (should) go down well in any soul club around the world.

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