Godiego – Monkey Magic

We’re slightly deviating this week from how we normally do things here on Gazfunk. Firstly as I’m sure you’ve noticed, I’ve actually shown the picture sleeve of the record as opposed to just the record itself due to it’s grooviness (and also because it might remind you of the programme). Secondly the track is from a tv series – the one in question being Monkey.

Our UK (and Japanese viewers) will be well aware of this cult tv show which started in 1978 and ran for 2 series until 1980. This programme was a big part of my youth growing up in the 80’s and is still quite entertaining, even today.

The band who recorded the title track were a Japanese funk band who started out in 1976 and are still together to this day (albeit with some different members) and still releasing material.

The beginning of the track features a very out there electronic sound, almost like proto dance music which was very unique and ahead of it’s time. The funny lyrics (“Born on an egg on a mountain top, the punkiest monkey that ever popped”), combined with the raw funk and mental synthy/moog sounds make this a very, very different listening experience to most other pieces of funk you’ll ever hear.

Aahhh- Dowwwww!!!

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