A.C. Reed – Boogaloo Tramp

So last week we brought you something a little bit different in the shape of Gabb Coolson – I imagine that track might have split some of you but there should be no such issues with this week’s selection. Boogaloo Tramp is a pretty well-known track amongst funk collectors and was also pretty popular on the mod scene (in the UK at least).

Reed himself was originally from Missouri but moved to Chicago as a young man and that’s where his musical story begins. A saxophonist, Reed played with many Chicago blues acts in the early 60’s whilst recording a small number of singles under his own name. By the late sixties Reed had joined the legendary Buddy Guy whom he toured with extensively.

This cut was released (I think) in 66 and features a very distinctive guitar style not to mention crashing drums and an almost ska/reggae sounding saxophone. This is definitely one to turn up loud and get the dancefloors shaking!

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