Gabb Coolson – Jubilation

Well I’ve finally arrived back to Belfast from my East Coast tour and a very enjoyable time it was too. But as ever, all good things must come to an end and so the tedium of life in a 9-5 job kicks in again. But fear not – I’m back with some funky delicacies to cheer you (and myself) up.

So far here on Gazfunk we’ve brought you some hammond, a little bit of latin, a smattering of R&B, a dollop of New Funk and some classic old skool funk. This week we’re bringing you yet another genre – afrobeat. Now to most people aware of this sound, they automatically associate the legends that are Fela Kuti and Manu Dibango, however there are plenty of other lesser known artists out there laying down the groove just as good as the aforementioned duo. One such is Gabb Coolson.

This track was released on the French EMI Pathe label in 1970 and is regarded as something of a holy grail for afrobeat collectors. There’s loads of swirling hammond, wah-wah guitar, James Brown style grunting and Euro ye ye style backing vocals not to mention a drum break that’s ripe for sampling.


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