Gi Gi – Daddy Love

This week’s update is brought to you from a bus somewhere between Atlantic City & Philadelphia – the wonders of modern technology eh?

First up – this is another one of those tracks I don’t have too much info about (this is becoming something of a recurring theme!!) Suffice to say it was a (no) hit wonder out of New York in (I would imagine) sometime around 72-74.

The track itself starts off at breakneck speed. Though it’s undoubtedly sister funk, there are elements of psych in there as well. There’s been a few releases of this – this one, and one on the Pama label, though the version I have is a lovely European only picture sleeve (why is it European releases put so much more effort into their product??)

Btw, if any of you are about the Philly area tonight, call to Sassafras Bar on 2nd St as I’ll be hosting the Dennis Coffey aftershow, throwing down stuff like this and lots of other dirty funk!

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  1. Soul of Sydney

    you the man Garry! there is a northern soul 45’s night still doing their bit to keep this kind of real electric soul vibes alive down in this part of the world. Good to see it being blogged to mate, i was getting worried that the only bloggers in the word were pushing skinny jean indie stuff


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