Kahuna Kawentzmann – Gogo Sitar

As it’s a Bank Holiday I have a little bit more time than I thought I had to bring you an update ahead of my trip to NYC tomorrow.

So you’re looking at the title of this latest entry and thinking to yourself this must be a late 60’s/early 70’s track by some obscure Indian sitar player. Except you’d be wrong.

Kahuna Kawentzmann is actually a German guitar player (called Sebastian Hartmann) from Berlin who started out playing in a “surf” band called the Looney Tunes in the late eighties. By the time the band had split, the Kahuna Kawentzmann alter-ego had been created. A spell dj’ing in clubs around Hamburg allowed the Kahuna Kawentzmann brand to be established and this in turn led to the release of Gogo Sitar in 2004.

As for the song itself, well it has all those features you’d want from a funky track, with hammond organ, pounding bongos and sitar (though I suspect this might be a guitar tuned to sound like a sitar). Think Ananda Shankar meets a late 60’s spy soundtrack. Groovy!

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