Joe Quarterman & Free Soul – I'm Gonna Get You

This might be my last post for a few weeks as I’ll be in NYC next week and probably won’t get the opportunity to provide an update. Don’t worry though – I’ll do my best to squeeze one in if I get the chance.

This week’s pick takes us back to straight out old skool honest to goodness funk. Joe Quarterman is probably best known to you all for his classic funk staple “I’ve Got So Much Trouble In My Mind” as comped on many funk collections as well as being used in various video games.

This selection is somewhat less-known though. I first came across this song many years ago as it was sampled by New York rappers “3rd Bass” on a track called “Oval Office” (from their fantastic 1989 album “The Cactus”). I Got So Much Trouble On My Mind was also sampled on this track.


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