Stereoscope Jerk Explosion – Bumblebee

I hope y’all haven’t gorged too much on chocolate over the Easter period and have left a bit of room for some deliciously tasty ear candy.

So this week we’re going for something a little bit different, though no less funky. Stereoscope Jerk Explosion are a French jerk/funk combo who formed out of The Strawberry Smell & The Cryptones (two well-known acts in the French jerk & 6o’s beat scene). They formed in 2004 and their first release in 2006 “Sitarmania” was limited to only 500 copies worldwide, (of which I’m lucky enough to have one)

This selection was released in 2008 and featured as the 3rd single from the album “La Panthere Pop”. The song itself features all of the key components needed to create a funky dancefloor shaker. Hammond organ – check, wah-wah guitar – check, pounding drums – check, phasing – check.

This really has to be one of the greatest hammond/jerk/funk tracks released in the last 30 years and Stereoscope one of the finest exponents of the new funk sound of today. If you can manage to pick up a copy of this (or indeed Sitarmania) I’d highly recommend it as the artwork is really groovy, and in the case of Bumblebee, released on see-through vinyl.


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