Pucho & The Latin Soul Brothers – Got Myself A Good Man

Firstly, we here at Gazfunk have a bit of an apology to make for this week’s selection as this record is actually a re-release. Normally we don’t play that way, however in the case of this track we’ll make an exception due to the rarity of the original, not to mention the quality of the tune.

Following on from my recent posts of latin legends, this week’s choice brings yet another heavyweight of the latin scene in the US, Henry “Pucho” Brown. Pucho & The Latin Soul Brothers were formed in 1959 and can still be found performing today.

This choice is a cover of Gladys Knight & The Pips’ “Got Myself A Good Man” originally released in ’69 on the “Soul” label. This version has everything you could ask for in a funky latin instrumental. It has wah-wah guitar, pounding drums(from Bernard “Pretty” Purdie no less), conga, funky flute and organ. In my view this is simply one of THE greatest “dance” tracks ever made.


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