James Brown – Bring It Up (Hipster's Avenue)

Ok, I’ve avoided it for long enough like one of those embarrassing stories that people know about someone but just never talk about. Well I’m talking about it now and I’m saying it black and proud!

Normally when I create a post I speak a little bit about the artist and try to bring you some info about them that you may not know, but frankly it would be insulting (not to mention that it would take a hell of a long time) to adequately talk about Soul Brother No 1 – Mr James Brown.

When I decided that I could no longer ignore his rightful claims for admission into my blog, the question was which song I should select. Now this wasn’t an easy task as there are so many worthwhile candidates and no doubt each of us have our own particular favourite.

I decided to settle on this track as I think it showcases the incredible energy of JB more than almost any other song of his that I’ve heard – his squealing on this song could strip paint off walls and in my opinion is one of the most raw and powerful vocal performances ever committed to wax.

So enjoy, the one, the only, the incredible MR James Brown. R.I.P.

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