Orchestra Harlow – Mess Around

A few weeks ago I brought you a track by one of the kings of the 60’s latin scene in the US – Joe Bataan. This week’s choice brings you yet another one of the legends of the New York latin scene – Larry Harlow.

Harlow (real name Lawrence Khan) was a long-term producer on the legendary Fania Records (with whom he recorded the bulk of his own work) and produced over 250 albums on this iconic label.

Harlow came from a musical background as a child – his mum was an opera singer in New York and his dad was a bandleader at the Latin Quarter nightclub in New York. At a young age he travelled to Cuba where he cut his teeth learning Afro-Cuban music before he returned back to the US where he fused the Afro-Cuban  music he had learned with jazz. Primarily a piano player, Harlow also played various other instruments.

This selection is taken from the 1967 album “El Exigente” and is a beautiful piece of instrumental latin funk. If you can track down a copy of the album I’d highly recommend it (if not just for the psychedelic cover alone)


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