Joe Bataan – Latin Strut

It would be hard to do a funk blog and ignore the influence of many of the late 60’s/early 70’s latin artists.

This week’s blog focuses on one of the most prominent members of the New York latin scene – Joe Bataan. Joe Bataan’s musical birth came in 1965 after his release from prison where he was banged up on a stolen car charge. He was mainly influenced by the blossoming boogaloo style as well as American doo-wop. He is also responsible for coining the term salsoul, and can still be found performing his funky stuff today at the age of 70.

This selection is a flute driven instrumental with groovy percussion and plenty of wah-wah guitar. Recorded in ’74 the song itself is a cover of a track called “Super Strut” released by another well-known latin artist, Deodato.

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