The Pipe – Wade In The Water

OK, so you’re thinking “great, yet another version of Wade In The Water- how boring”. Except this isn’t just another run of the mill soul/jazz instrumental, oh no we don’t do run of the mill here on gazfunk, no siree!

This is a terrific latin funk bomb with a hint of psychedelia thrown in for good measure. The organ on this record is fantastic along with some great latin percussion. There’s also a section with a great break that’s ripe for sampling. I’d honestly say this is my favourite version of this classic tune that I’ve heard to date.

I bought this record a few months ago after hearing a sound clip for what I now know to be a bargain price. If you want to pick one of these up (especially with the nice picture sleeve like the copy I have) you’ll be lucky getting much change out of £100.

Anyhoo, press the little play button below for a taster of this little beauty.

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