Phil Flowers & The Flower Shop – Like A Rolling Stone

Well I’d been thinking about what treat to bring you this week and I realised my 2 previous tracks were funk instrumentals, so I’ve decided to mix it up a bit this time.

This selection is a cover of the well known song by Bob Dylan (as if you didn’t know!). Now I have an admission to make here – I’m not a fan of Bob, I know a lot of people like him and I appreciate his songwriting abilities but he’s just never done it for me (much like Johnny Cash sadly).

However, this take on Like A Rolling Stone by Phil Flowers sounds like how the song should’ve been made first time round. I have played this to a lot of friends (many of them big Dylan fans) and even they had to admit that it takes the song to another level and improves vastly on the original.

Anyway, enough of me blathering on about how good it is -check it out for yourself: 

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