The Knights – The Hump

First up we have this rather obscure funk instrumental from The Knights. They are probably best known for “Tipping Strings”, however it’s this little beauty that really grabs me.

Little is known about this track – do a Google search and the only reference you’ll find to it is the fact it’s been on the Eccentric Soul comp from a few years ago. Don’t bother with youtube as you won’t find any results there either. I managed to pick up a dj copy of this a few weeks ago (after quite a long search) and it also has the aforementioned Tipping Strings on the flip.

What about the song itself? Well it’s a lovely midtempo groove which starts with a shake of a tambourine before what sounds like a steel drum joins in (though this may be a quite high-pitched keyboard). Halfway through the track a nice bit of saxophone joins the party to lift the song further.

Check out the soundclip. 

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