Bobby Jones – I Got A Habit (Of Lovin’ You)

Bobby Jones - I Got A Habit

Something a bit short and sweet for you this week (both in track length and accompanying text). Bobby Jones was an r&b singer born in 1936 in Louisiana who relocated to Chicago in 1959. As well as recording under Bobby Jones he also cut records using Bobby Jonz and was part of the Bobby Jones Trio & Pauline & Bobby. All told he recorded around 10 singles under his “proper” name of which this is one.

Some of his other 45s are a little bit too “Northern” for my liking (yeah I know he would’ve had no concept of such a tag, especially as it wasn’t even really a term until the 70s). What I feature for you today is an uptempo soul record with r&b overtones. There’s some pretty raw vocals there and I’d say would be perfect for a mod/r&b club (though maybe a little too fast for the r&b heads!) Enjoy, and I’ll be back next week with another quality cut from my collection.