Johnny Adams – You Make A New Man Out Of Me

Johnny Adams - You Make A New Man Out Of Me

Good evening ladies & gentleman, I hope today finds you all in good form. It’s been a pretty depressing day here with rain virtually non-stop for almost 24 hours – pretty typical Belfast summer weather in truth. Hopefully this great little piece of funky soul from NOLA might brighten things up for you a little bit…

Today’s selection was released in 1968 and featured as the b-side to a track called “Release Me”. You’ll notice that this song was issued on the SSS International label – a label that we’ve previously showcased with tracks by Clifford Curry and another New Orleans artist, the legendary Betty Harris. There’s not a lot more that I can say about this record other than it’s a mid-tempo funky soul number in a style that you’ve come to be familiar with here on Gazfunk. I hope you dig it and I’ll see you all next week for yet another quality piece of ear candy.

Eddie Bo – If It’s Good To You (It’s Good For You)

Eddie Bo - If It's Good To You (It's Good For You)

In spite of my best intention to bring you my update earlier in the week, life (and more specifically work) got in the way. Perhaps a Saturday might be the best time though as I have a little more time and some of you guys will be off work with more of an opportunity to listen to some quality ear candy. We’ll see how that turns out over the coming weeks…

When thinking of what to bring you this week it struck me that after 6 years of Gazfunk (where does the time go??) I have yet to feature one of the funkiest cats that ever lived, Mr Eddie Bo. Well, technically that’s not quite true as he has featured before in some of his other guises but never before as Eddie Bo in his own right. One of the challenges when picking a Bo track is deciding which one to feature. I’m sure most of you have heard Hook & Sling many times so I wanted to showcase a recording that is a little more obscure, but no less funky.

“If It’s Good…” was released in 1969 and kick-started a run of 45s that remain to this day some of the funkiest 45s ever cut and all released within the space of a year or so.”Hook & Sling”, “Check Your Bucket”, “Getting To The Middle” and “We’re Doing It (Thang)” all served to illustrate just how damn funky Mr Bocage was. So pour yourself a drink, turn up the volume on your speakers and groove to the sound of Mr Eddie Bo!

Curley Moore And The Kool Ones – Funky, Yeah

Curley Moore And The Kool Ones - Funky, Yeah

I’d just like to take a moment to thank my brother Music Man Miles for his fantastic contribution last week. We’re very blessed here at Gazfunk to have some of the world’s biggest and best funk and soul djs and collectors give up their time to share a favourite piece of wax with us. We hope we can keep delivering such quality content over the coming months and years.

As you know, there’s probably no funkier city than New Orleans and few funkier cats than the legendary Eddie Bo. It’s with that in mind that I bring you this fantastic little 45 courtesy of a dude called Curley Moore. Moore was a New Orleans artist whose first release came in 1965 and who followed that up with another 4 singles (all of which were issued on the Sansu label, home to the likes of Betty Harris). This particular 45 was issued on one of my favourite label designs – House Of The Fox, a label out of Nashville, Tennessee.

Upon first listen it should come as no surprise that Bo had his fingerprints all over this one. It just oozes with funkiness and has a fuzz guitar that just draws you in. Strangely this isn’t a track that I’ve ever heard anyone play out and I’m not sure I’ve ever played it myself – perhaps it’s just a little too difficult to dance to, but it certainly deserves to be heard out loud and proud. Enjoy and I’d like to wish y’all a very Happy Easter!


Gus “The Groove” Lewis – Let The Groove Move You

Gus "The Groove" Lewis

With the New Orleans Mardi Gras coming to a close yesterday, I felt is was fitting to mark the occasion with a great record from the Crescent City. Unfortunately I’ve never managed to make it to Mardi Gras (it’s on my bucket list) but regular viewers will know I visited New Orleans a couple of years ago for the Ponderosa Stomp which was a fantastic consolation!

So what of today’s selection I hear you ask. Well, the little I know of Gus Lewis is that he was a radio dj who cut this one single on the Tou-Sea label. He also worked with Inell Young ( for whom he wrote the hugely sought after “What Do You See In Her?”) This particular record has fantastic drum work and probably gained more attention when it was covered by Glasgow’s “Boogaloo Investigators” in 2004. This saw it cross over to the mod scene and gain a whole other group of fans who weren’t aware of it’s popularity among funk aficionados.

Soul Jazz recently featured this track on the 4th installment of the excellent New Orleans Funk compilation (Volume 1 still remains my favourite compilation of all-time!) It took me a while to source this one and I was delighted when it finally came into my possession. Whilst not a super expensive record (in comparison to some of Eddie Bo’s rarer work or the aforementioned Inell Young) a decent copy will still set you back about £100. If you can’t afford that, just click the little play button below, lay back, relax & let the groove move you!