Sunday Social – Soul Break


The record that I feature for you today is a track that you can listen to on my GazfunkBlog Youtube channel (the only resource to hear it on the net). Since it’s such a great record and I know that some of you don’t really bother with youtube that much (now that I have to post youtube links due to wordpress’ ridiculous changes), I thought I may as well give my own channel a little bit of promo!

This one exists in the library marked extremely rare and took me a rather long time to track down. I actually took this with me during my recent U.S. Tour but it didn’t get an airing as I thought it just too heavy and fast for the dancefloor (imagine that!!). If you like your funk with heavy organ and driving guitar played at 100mph, then this is the record for you. Just don’t break anything while trying to dance in time to it!!!


Mr D & The Highlights – Nose Full Of White

Mr D & Highlights - Nose Full Of White

We’re back to our regular Monday evening update this week (and hopefully for the forseeable future!!) The selection I bring you today is a track that I featured on my “Soul Party!” radio show on Friday night. This is one of those songs that still appears to be very much under the radar as I don’t think I’ve ever heard it played out before.

You can pick this up for quite a modest price (maybe that’s something I’d best keep to myself otherwise everyone will be buying a copy!!) I think this has featured previously on one of the many funk compilations issued over the last 10 years or so and it’s a classic example of the type of hammond funk that I’m particularly keen on.

Going back to my radio show – for those of you that missed it, it is now available on the “previous shows” tab on the Belfast Underground Radio website, or alternatively you can click the link below to go straight to the show: I’ve also set up a new Facebook page for the show – please drop by and give us a “like” – from here you’ll be able to see latest news, post your favourite videos, drop me a message and check out the tracklisting for each show.

Earl Van Dyke – 6 By 6

Earl Van Dyke - 6 by 6

With the Snap! reunion just around the corner (this Friday actually) I thought I’d dig into my crates and pull out a track that used to be a bit of a staple on the mod scene and a record that had it’s fair share of plays over the years at Snap!

Those of you who know their Motown history will undoubtedly have heard of the legendary hammond organ player Earl Van Dyke. Van Dyke was the bandleader of the legendary Funk Brothers and his organ playing was an integral part of the sound featured on such tracks as The Temptations “Run Away Child, Running Wild” and Marvin Gaye’s “I Heard It Through The Grapevine”. As well as performing the soundtrack to those monster hits, Van Dyke recorded some of his own compositions, this one being arguably his most well-known.

6 by 6 must rank as one of the funkiest pieces of music ever put out by Motown records – with the driving bongos, horn section & hammond assault whipping up a piece of dancefloor dynamite! If you can’t make it to Snap! on Friday at least you’ve got a little teaser of the groove we got going on. Enjoy!

Larry Willis – Hard To Handle

Larry Willis - Hard To Handle

Larry Willis is an American jazz musician who was born in New York back in 1942. His first foray into the musical world actually saw him perform an opera by Aaron Copeland under the direction of Leonard Bernstein. However, Willis decided to concentrate on jazz, due to the fact that very few African-Americans ever gained many opportunities in the world of opera.

By 1970 Willis was to record his debut album entitled “A New Kind Of Soul”, fusing jazz, bebop & soul. This week’s selection comes from that very same album and as I’m sure you might have guessed by the title, is a cover of Otis Redding’s classic. This take on it is an instrumental mod jazz arrangement, kind of similar in style I guess to Ramsey Lewis. Certainly one for the dance floor!

As well as releasing his own material as a solo artist, Willis also found fame as a member of the 70s soul/rock outfit “Blood, Sweat & Tears” with whom he played keyboards for seven years. That wasn’t all though – he also played piano alongside the legend that was Nat Adderley and can still be found performing to this day. In fact one of the reasons for this selection (apart from the fact it’s a quality track) is that I recently became aware that I dj’d at a venue last year that Larry played in – the rather cool Berlin Jazz Cafe in Madrid.