Little Ann – Going Down A One-Way Street The Wrong Way

Little Ann - Going Down A One-Way Street The Wrong Way

Apologies to you all for my no-show last week – I have just opened my first business with my brother and have been super busy getting things together so I didn’t get a chance to provide you with a blog update. Hopefully that’s the first and last time it will happen and I can get back to my regular weekly posts.

So… I really had no idea what to bring you today (even though I technically had 2 weeks to think about it) so what will follow will be quite a short post with substantially less blathering than normal. This also affords me the chance to pick something a little more obscure as there won’t be much info out there about the record (and thus less writing!)

Well, this is a great piece of funky soul cut by a rather obscure singer called Little Ann and released in 1968. To my knowledge this was the only song released in the U.S. and indeed the only song by Little Ann that I’ve heard (apart from the b-side of course!). Anyway, I hope you dig the tune and I’ll be back next week with another 45 to share alongside (hopefully) some interesting information. Till then….





Jimmy Bee – The Outside Man

This week’s choice comes from Jimmy Bee and is a cover of a song originally recorded by Jimmy Parker. Jimmy Bee (real name Jimmy Brunsen) was in many 50’s/60’s r&b bands (most famously as a backing vocalist for the Johnny Otis Show) before moving on to his own solo career. To my knowledge he only recorded one album (which was a live album) and it mainly consisted of slow/midtempo soul tracks. This selection however is somewhat more funky.

 The song itself follows a similar theme to Don Covay’s “Overtime Man, Lou Donaldson’s “Who’s Making Love” and Clarence Carter’s “Backdoor Santa” in that it’s all about taking care of your woman or else someone else might come along and take care of her for you!

This is a favourite of Eli “Paperboy” Reed’s and can often be heard during one of his dj sets. B-boys and hip-hop dj’s should find the break very appealing and ripe for sampling.