Oscar Harris And The Twinkle Stars – Wientie Groove

Oscar Harris - Wientie Groove

What I have for you today is a record that is the most recent addition to my collection. I have been eyeing this for a while but for one reason or another I never got round to buying one. It’s not especially expensive or that hard to come by but I guess it isn’t all that well-known.

Unsurprisingly there’s not a lot I can say about this track. It was released in the Netherlands in 1970 on the Blue Elephant label, a label that I have quite a few other releases on including Ray Barretto. The Oscar Harris in question was from Surinam (this is the first and I guess, only artist I’ll feature from Surinam!) There’s a reference to James Brown as well as some rather cheesy lyrics but the song opens up with a nice drum break and great horns. The b-side is more of an instrumental track and arguably a bit funkier but if you ever get round to buying the 45 you’ll have 2 great tracks to choose from. That’s your lot – enjoy the track!

Lefties Soul Connection – Back Door Santa

 As we’re only a matter of days away from Christmas it would be remiss of me to let the time pass without posting something with a yuletide theme.

I’ve decided to stay away from the obvious (well kind of) with this choice. I’m sure most of you are all well aware of Clarence Carter’s original, but this take on it from a band that we’ve already featured once before here on Gazfunk, puts a whole new slant on it. Released in 2006 and featuring their signature hammond sound, this is one groovy instrumental reworking by one of today’s best funk bands.

As this will be my last update before Christmas, I’d like to wish you all a very safe & Happy Christmas & Funky New Year!

Marva Hodge – Think About The Good Times

In recent times I’ve found myself gravitating towards a more soulful sound as opposed to the heavy funk I had been listening to and bringing you here on the blog. That perhaps explains this next choice somewhat.

This selection is probably one of the rarest tracks I have in my collection – it’s not especially valuable, but it’s just something that I think I’ve only ever seen two copies of and I bought one of them!!

Marva Hodge was born in Aruba and moved to Holland at a young age where she resided in the Hague. Her real name was Linda Melcherts (presumably her name was changed to give her a more American sounding name so that people would think she was from the U.S. and she might have success amongst R&B fans). Most of her releases featured a local band called The Moody Sect (sometimes spelt “Sec”) who provided a late sixties psychedelic sound with hammond organ to match her wailing vocals.

This particular track however, was the b-side to her 4th release “You’re The One For Me”. When I listen to this song I instantly picture Tina Turner jumping around on stage shaking her ass and belting this out as the vocals and tempo are so similar.

Hope you dig it as much as I do!

Lefties Soul Connection – Doin' The Thing

I figured it was about time that I delved into my collection to bring you something (reasonably) new.

Lefties Soul Connection started out in Amsterdam in 2001 and released this – their debut single in 2002. Three more singles were released before the long-awaited LP finally hit the shops in 2006.

The follow-up to this was their 2007 album “Skimming The Skum” which rather surprisingly only yielded 1 single – the fantastic “Fais Do Do”. However, they continued to release singles including a cover of the classic “Organ Donor” by Dj Shadow as well as Clarence Carter’s “Backdoor Santa” and the now tiresome “Here Come The Girls”

Their sound is very heavily influenced by the likes of The Meters, JB’s & Booker T & The MG’s. Unsurprisingly then, the songs are very hammond driven with crashing drums and the obligatory wah-wah guitar. Oh, and I’m led to believe they put on a great live show too (not that I’ve had the pleasure to see them myself – yet!)