Mill Edwards – Use What You Got

Mill Edwards - Use What You Got

UNDERPLAYED CHEAPIE ALERT!!! Yes, what I bring you today ladies and gentlemen is a high quality unknown/underplayed stormer of a 45. O.K., I’m guessing some of you guys may have heard this record before but it’s not something I’ve heard many people talk about or indeed play out anywhere. Maybe this is one of those tracks I should keep to myself, but you know it’s all about sharing the music as far as I am concerned.

Rather unsurprisingly, there’s not a lot that I know about this artist and song. I know that Mill Edwards (or Millard Edwards to give him his full title) was a soul/r&b singer from the Chicago area and also had a part to play in another band called The Esquires that I have a couple of 45s of but that apart, the only other piece of information I have is that he cut another single on the Cutlass Records label in 1972 titled “I Found Myself”. So then, you’ll just have to do a bit of diggin for yo’self if you want more info. In the meantime, enjoy!!