Ernest Van Treose & The McDaniel, Mary Street Band – Popcorn Push Push


Before I start talking about this week’s selection, I’d like to just take a moment to thank Pete Isaac for his excellent guest contribution last week – it was certainly one of our most popular to date. If you missed out, just go to the archives and you’ll be able to listen again. As I mentioned last week, I hope to bring more groovy selections from the crates of our friends on a more regular basis, so watch out for that!

So on to today’s post and a song that may well win the award for the longest title we have ever featured here on Gazfunk! This one comes by way of Ernest Van Treose – an organ player of some renown who guested alongside such luminaries as BB King & Ray Charles. This particular track features none other than the sadly departed legend that is The Mighty Hannibal – so you known darn well it’s gonna deliver on the funkiness!!

Some of you may have noticed that the posts have changed in recent times – previously I used to upload the song clip from the record so you could just click the little play button. Unfortunately, WordPress decided to charge extra to upload song files right in the middle of my annual subscription, so I was left with no choice but to add the youtube clip of the song instead. As you probably know, this blog is a not-for-profit labour of love and costs me time and money to put together and I don’t recoup any money through advertising on the site, so I’m sure you can all understand why I was reluctant to pay this extra charge. Anyway, you can still enjoy the excellent music I have on offer with the added potential of a nice video/graphics to go along with it! Enjoy this week’s post and I’ll catch up with y’all next week.

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