Ted Taylor – Daddy's Baby


So I’ve finally returned from my U.S. Tour and that means I’m able to bring you an update for the first time in about a month. Apologies to those who looked forward to my weekly updates but for a variety of reasons I wasn’t able furnish you with a funky piece of wax, though don’t worry – now that I’m back on “home turf” there’ll be no missing out again – promise!

At some point over the coming weeks I’ll upload some of the pictures from my various gigs and also attach some of the cool flyers but for now I’ll just focus on today’s selection.

This track is a little bit of a strange one – firstly, upon hearing it you could be forgiven for thinking that it’s a female singer (if you didn’t look at the artists’ name of course), also it has a few styles going on in there, a touch of r&b, a smattering of Northern Soul, a little dab of funk and a pinch of garage rock. Hope you enjoy it and glad to be back (sort of!!) 

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