Cyril Neville – Gossip

Cyril Neville - Gossip

Today’s artist should need no introduction to any devotee of funk given that he was a part of one of the most highly regarded and influential funk groups ever – The Meters.

I could waffle on about how great The Meters were but I’d hope there is no point as you should by now be more than familiar with their work. Suffice to say Cyril was an intrinsic part of the group. Today’s selection sees Cyril in solo mode with his debut release in 1970 on the Josie label. My version of this is a promo so has the same song on both sides, however if you bought a copy of the proper release you will be treated to another great track on the b-side called “Tell Me What’s On Your Mind”. It’s the A-Side that I’m firmly focusing on today though.

So what makes Gossip worthy of a feature? Well, in my opinion the opening bars of this record are as funky as any vocal track that’s ever been committed to wax. The sitar sound was quite unusual in funk records at that time (though I can’t confirm whether a sitar was actually used as it could be a guitar tuned to sound like a sitar as happened back in those days). The groove of this is just off the scale with typical Meters style drums and funky guitar complimenting the vocals here. Whether in a club, or at home on your record player, this slice of New Orleans funk delivers equally! All hail the mighty Cyril Neville!!

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