Gazfunk Guest DJ Slot – Friday 1 May, Menagerie Belfast

Super Furry Animals - Northern Lites

Just a very short update to advertise a gig that I’ll be guesting at tomorrow night (on the off-chance any of you are in the area). I’ll be dj’ing in The Menagerie in Belfast as part of a new series of nights showcasing some of Northern Ireland’s best bands alongside my old friend Revenant Presley. This will give me an opportunity to dig into my collection and pick out some stuff other than my usual funk & soul that I feature here, including some indie, 60s garage & psych, swamp rock and 1 or 2 other little oddities (I’ll still sneak in some soul & funk though!).

For more info, you can visit the event page on Facebook here Here’s a little taster of the type of thing that you can expect to hear on the night:

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