Stoney And Meatloaf – What You See Is What You Get

Meatloaf & Stoney - What You See Is What You Get

Before I crack on with this week’s update, I’d first like to take the time to say a big thanks to Greg Belson for his excellent guest selection last week. I know Greg’s been very busy with various things so we appreciate the time he put aside to contribute to the blog. I hope to have even more guest contributors over the next few months and with a bit of luck some more interviews with a number of legendary funk artists during the year, so stay tuned!

I guess some of you may be thinking I’m losing my mind with this week’s update, featuring 70s rocker Meatloaf. Well, I’ve probably mentioned before that many artists who are known for other styles every now and then come up with something that gives an insight into their inner funkiness! This is definitely one such case.

Stoney & Meatloaf cut 2 singles and one album in the early 70s after Meatloaf was signed to Motown. The Rare Earth label was set up as a subsidiary in the late 60s and the focus of the label was to move away from the classic Motown sound and instead featuring more rock orientated white artists like Rare Earth. This record showcases the strong vocals that was to become such an intrinsic part of the sound that was to lead to Meatloaf becoming a global superstar in the mid to late 70s.

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