Jesse Potter And The Fabulairs – Now I Think Am Ready

Jesse Potter And The Fabulairs - Now I Think Am Ready

We’re moving towards the obscure side of funk with this week’s track, which of course means that it’s a song and artist that I know next to nothing about. It seems that this one is a bit under the radar for a lot of funk collectors as it’s not one I’ve ever heard played out anywhere, or indeed any reference made to it on social media etc. Like many funk records (and indeed tracks that I have previously featured) this is the b-side, with the a-side being a cover of James Brown’s “It’s A Man’s World”.

Released in 1971 and clocking in at around the 2 minute mark, this is one that is very catchy and perfect for a club with a great sound system. I’m sure you’ll dig it – and maybe after this it might work it’s way onto the wantslist (or indeed) playlists of some of the other funk djs!

As an aside – I’m doing a bit of work preparing for our next guest contributor and I hope to bring you something in the next couple of weeks. Say tuned – you’ll really enjoy this one!!

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