The Apples – Killing

The Apples - Killing

Every now & then a song comes along that grabs you from the opening bars, well today’s selection is one such track. Everyone knows all too well Rage Against The Machine’s original of this song (and even if they weren’t aware of it when it was originally released, I’m sure the fact that it beat the woeful X Factor to the Christmas Number 1 in the U.K. a few years ago would have caught their attention)

So who are The Apples I hear you ask. Well they are a nine piece band from Israel who formed in 2002. Featuring horns, drums, bass & a dj, they blend together a mix of r&b, jazz, funk & hip-hop with Middle Eastern sounds to create a unique sound all of their own. I haven’t been fortunate to catch the guys live as yet, but I’m told they put on a brilliant live show so I’d highly recommend checking them out if they ever visit your city.

I’m sure by my description of the band’s sound you’ll probably have a fair idea of what their take on Rage’s classic would sound like. A heavy horn section with mixing & scratching thrown in to create a dancefloor friendly & uptempo take on this classic track. I’m sure you’ll all dig it.

Finally, just a little reminder about my next dj gig, this Sunday 17th March at the Birdcage, London. I’ll be guesting as part of Corrina Greyson’s excellent Sunday 7s night and it’s sure to be a great evening especially with the fact that it’s also St Patrick’s Day! So if any of you are in the area, please do drop by for a pint of Guinness and a little boogie with us. Gaz

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